Stay Warm During Treatment With Our Dialysis Clothing

There are many reasons why customized dialysis clothing is needed for patients on dialysis as the majority of them complain about feeling cold at their dialysis centers. Why do so many dialysis centers seem so cold? It could be from many things – whether it’s seasonal changes, sitting under an air conditioning vent, lack of warm attire, or your physical condition, one of the biggest reasons why patients find dialysis centers cold is skin exposure!

That’s right, skin exposure is a big deal when it comes to dialysis patients, especially when they have a fistula or graft in their upper or lower arm, leg, or a catheter in their chest. These areas are exposed to the air during dialysis treatments. Whether you have to roll up your sleeve or pant leg, unbutton your shirt, or pull your shirt down off your shoulder, you’re uncovering your skin and sitting in one place for a long time.

While it is true that nurses need to be able to have access to the site at all times to make sure that everything is working and going the way it should, that doesn’t mean that you as a patient has to be uncomfortable during the whole process. After all, if a needle comes out of the access and a patient is losing blood it can be seen and fixed immediately because the access site is in clear view.

Here at Hemowear, we’re making sweatshirts and pants with zippers that only expose the area that the nurse needs access to, rather than exposing a much larger area. This helps you stay more covered and warmer during your dialysis treatments.