In-center dialysis means sitting in a chair for several hours, so it’s important that you stay comfortable. It can be frustrating having to push up the sleeves of your sweatshirt and feeling the arm cuffs squeezing your arm. It can also be annoying to wear short sleeves and get cold, as you can’t get up and do much about it. It always helps to bring a blanket and pillow with to your dialysis treatment, but what if your clothes were designed to keep you cozy during the treatment?

Dialysis Sweatshirt

Don’t let yourself get cold! Hemowear is proud to offer both right arm and left arm sweatshirts for your comfort. They feature a convenient zipper that runs the entirety of the arm. That means that no matter where you need to expose for the dialysis, you can do so in the comfort of your sweatshirt. Our sweatshirts are also crewnecks made from a cotton and poly blend and are pill resistant! That means you can wash them and wear them again and again to any dialysis session you want.

Color Options

Don’t sacrifice style just because you are going in for a dialysis treatment. Our sweatshirts come in a variety of colors, including blue, navy, red, hunter green, black, etc. for men. Our women’s collection offers lighter colors including fuchsia, purple, pink, and more! Whatever your color preferences may be, we know we have the perfect pick for you.

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Don’t let dialysis get in the way of your comfort and style. Shop our sweatshirts today to find the perfect fit for you. Shop Hemowear for your number one selection of dialysis clothing!