Dialysis Plan Choice Coverage Comparison

Thanks to effective patient advocacy, many dialysis patients will have a wide array of new choices of Medicare Advantage plans to consider for their insurance coverage for the first time. While these new health choices offer patients the prospect of saving money and having more closely coordinated care, patients will need help choosing a plan with premiums, benefits, and in-network providers that fit their needs.

Choosing health plans is a challenging but essential job. Health insurance a necessary part of getting the care you need. Although, selecting the wrong plan can leave you spending thousands of dollars more than you should. That’s why being educated about optimal plans is vital.

For most patients, understanding their potential costs under different health insurance options is close to impossible, as it requires understanding which copayments or coinsurance apply to which kinds of care, plus deductibles, out-of-pocket limits, and coverage of needed drugs. Patients need help to make the right choice.

In partnership with Consumers’ Checkbook, Dialysis Patient Citizens has developed a plan comparison tool specifically for dialysis patients eligible for Medicare coverage to help dialysis patients take advantage of their new Medicare plan options. Here are some key features of the tool:

Exhibits Medicare Advantage plans available to the user, based on their ZIP code.
Conveys premiums for each plan and allows users to factor in any premium assistance they receive from the American Kidney Fund.
It gives users an estimate of out-of-pocket costs for a typical dialysis regimen under each available Medicare Advantage plan.
It provides an all-plan provider lookup function so that patients can check for coverage of their dialysis facility and nephrologist under each program.
Uses a simple, practical design to avoid overwhelming users with information.
Works on desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The tool is available online at DialysisisPlanChoice.org to help patients with Plan Year 2021 Open Enrollment, which began on October 15, 2020. Visit DialysisisPLanChoice.org now to learn more about your options.

Consumers’ Checkbook is a national nonprofit with a mission to help consumers’ make an educated choice on the services they choose. For 40 years, Checkbook has produced award-winning plan comparison tools for federal employees, consumers shopping on the health insurance exchanges, and many others. Learn more at checkbook.org

Dialysis Patient Citizens is a patient-led, national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all dialysis patients by advocating for favorable public policy. Learn more at DialysisisPatients.org