Customized Clothing For Dialysis Patients That Improves You Quality of Life

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There are about 430,000 Americans who are currently receiving dialysis treatment. If you are one of those patients, you know how uncomfortable it can be to be hooked up to a dialysis machine for hours each day. The Kidney Research Institute at the University of Washington is actually testing a “wearable kidney” device that would allow dialysis patients to get away from the machines they find themselves tethered to. The researchers working on the device are hoping to improve the quality of dialysis patients lives, letting them do things like shower, work, and sleep with the ten lb device strapped around their waist.

Unfortunately, these wearable kidneys are still in the testing phases and won’t be widely available for a while. That means you’ll be spending some more time at the dialysis machine. But we have our own way of improving your quality of life! Our comfortable clothing for dialysis patients will keep your medical care staff the access they need without requiring you to partially or fully disrobe. You can stay warm and cozy while they get you hooked up. Our clothing is a simple, effective way to make yourself feel a little bit better on treatment days.

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