Dialysis Clothing: Because Dialysis Doesn’t Have To Be A Jail Cell

Here at Hemowear, our dialysis clothing company really started with one of our own family members needing to go on dialysis. At the time, they had to go through the ordeal of taking their shirt off every time they went in for dialysis because the lab tech needed access to the chest catheter. From there, it’s history: altered shirts with zippers thrown in there to create access holes. So, the shirt became a symbol of freedom in a sort of way. We strive to give this same sense of freedom to all dialysis patients and anyone else with medical needs.

You should never feel uncomfortable or not confident while receiving medial treatment. We’ve customized this clothing so that you and your lab tech’s can easily access your port sites, such as AV fistules or permanent catheters. Hemowear is the answer to a lot of your problems when in your dialysis or chemotherapy treatment. Do you get cold during your treatments? Are you worried about germs? Hemowear dialysis clothing will help you.

We also have a peritoneal dialysis belt that is used by thousands and helps you stabilize the exit site of your catheter while securely storing the catheter tube and transfer unit at the same time. This peritoneal dialysis belt is the only device on the market today to receive Medicare’s seal of approval as well as a reimbursement number.

Are you ready to start living your life more comfortably when you receive dialysis or chemotherapy? Call us today or shop on our online store.