Dignity With Dialysis Clothing

Visiting the doctor to receive dialysis or chemotherapy can be a nervous ordeal for many people. You understand that the treatments are designed to help you, but that may not change the fact that you’re feeling anxious when you arrive. Having to disrobe and wait in the examination room can also make you nervous, as well as cold. At Hemowear, we want to help you maintain dignity and comfort, and we do that with our dialysis clothing for both men and women.

Our dialysis clothing was designed with the patient in mind. With easy zipper access to main catheter sites, you won’t have to feel nervous or cold after removing your shirt or pants for the doctor to examine you. The wide access ports make cleaning the sites simple, which keeps the entry points from getting sore or infected. Our clothing comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can pick your favorite and wear them to your next doctor’s appointment. Our shirts and pants can be purchased with zippers in both arms or both legs, so the doctor won’t have to insert the catheter in the same site each time.

For the month of July, we’re offering free shipping on every order of $55 or more. Our clothing comes in unisex sizes, and if you’re unsure what size to go with, check out our helpful chart. With our clothing, you’ll look forward to your next visit to the doctor, knowing that you’ll be comfortable and warm the entire time.