Find Comfortable Patient Clothing That Makes Life Easier

Looking For Dialysis Clothing? Look No Further

Having to visit your doctor or medical provider every week for dialysis or chemotherapy can be a daunting and burdensome task. It can be an intense time and patients often feel vulnerable. At Hemowear, we want to provide you with comfortable patient clothing that makes life easier. Our t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and more will allow you to feel more at ease while at your appointment.

Our clothing line is designed to allow access to catheter and fistula sites, so that patients can receive treatment while remaining clothed and so doctors and nurses can properly inspect and clean each port site. Our zipper design makes it simple for tubes and catheters to be removed and inserted. Plus, it doesn’t matter where your site is, we have clothing for every part of your body. You can choose a sweatshirt with a zipper on either arm, or pick the dual arm shirt for access to both your left and right. Our pants and shirts are made to keep you warm and relaxed during your visit.

With comfortable patient clothing from Hemowear, there will be no more need to worry about disrobing when you arrive for your dialysis or chemo appointment. There will be no more struggling to remove garments or being concerned about getting cold. We hope you’ll find the perfect shirt or pair of pants in our online store. You can also find easy sizing charts, as well as our current specials. Right now, you can save 10 percent on all women’s clothing (the limited edition long sleeve tee is excluded). Enjoy your next doctor’s appointment with clothing from Hemowear!