Dialysis is a difficult treatment to undergo, but it’s important to be mindful of all the things that will make your body react negatively. For example, did you know the food you eat can affect your kidney functions? Your kidneys may decrease their function if you consume food they cannot process. Here are the problem ingredients:


Between your dialysis treatments, your potassium levels fluctuate. It’s important to avoid foods with potassium, as your kidneys will be unable to process all the excess. If your body has high levels of potassium, you might experience nausea, weakness, and numbness.


Phosphorus is needed to build strong bones, but your kidneys are in charge of removing the excess from your blood. If there is extra phosphorus, it can actually pull calcium out of your bones and make them weak. It can also lead to calcium buildup in your blood vessels, lungs, heart, and even your eyes.


A sodium buildup can lead to increased blood pressure and fluid retention in your body. It can even make it difficult to breathe if the fluid accumulates in your lungs. Be sure to check your sodium intake if you feel any swelling out of the ordinary.

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