Hemodialysis and how our dialysis clothing helps

When you learn you will start going under dialysis treatments, there is a lot to process. Then, learning what type of dialysis treatment you will be experiencing, is another whirlwind. We at Hemowear, want you to be well aware of everything concerning dialysis, and how you can make yourself more comfortable with our access clothing.

We feel it’s important to know the types of dialysis, and in our previous blog, we discussed peritoneal dialysis. Now, we will discuss another form, Hemodialysis.


This type of treatment is designed to filter and clean the blood using a machine dubbed “the artificial kidney.” The hemodialysis does the function your healthy kidneys could once do. The blood that gets filtered into the machine is called a dialyzer. This removes the waste and extra fluid retained in the body. Once the blood has been cleaned completely, it is filtered back into the body.

This treatment is a longer process, but still can sometimes be done at home. Instead of using a catheter, this dialysis treatment is completed by placing two needles, one for the filter, and one for the blood to flow back into the body. There are different access points that can be used. An AV fistula can be created by having minor surgery to make the vein and the artery connected. The AV fistula will be able to withstand the needles going in and out frequently.

Another vascular access option is creating an AV graft, taking the same concept of connecting the artery and vein, but doing it inside the body. This, in some cases, can lead to complications and infection.

Our clothing has you in mind, because it is comfortable, accessible, and practical. Zippers are designed in a place where the dialysis treatments commence. Get yours here today!