Hearing that you will receive dialysis can be a scary thing. You think about the poking, prodding, not having any time for yourself, your mind is just racing with concerns and questions. Even though dialysis may seem like a negative thing, it’s actually helping you become more stabilized and start to feel better!

At Hemowear, we want you to always feel comfortable during, and after your hemodialysis treatments with our dialysis clothing. We also want you to be aware, like with any other medical treatment, there are side effects involved with the different dialysis treatments. In this blog, we will go over the side effects associated with hemodialysis.


You may feel tired after a dialysis treatment, because of what it’s doing to the body, and the fact you are losing function in your kidneys. One of the practices that may help is seeing a dietitian to incorporate foods that will give you energy. Also, if you exercise moderately that will also increase energy levels.

Low Blood Pressure

A more common side effect of this particular dialysis is low blood pressure. It sometimes is caused by loss of fluids during treatment. This can lead to symptoms of nausea and dizziness. One way to combat these is to follow your daily fluid intake regime, and if that doesn’t help, the fluid used during dialysis possibly needs adjusting.

Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are usually due to the loss of fluid from treatment. Talk to your care team if the pain doesn’t subside; they will recommend medication that can help with the cramps.

Most of these are manageable with your care team. Make sure you are always comfortable during and after treatment with our dialysis clothing. Designed to be soft, roomy, and have access points to make your day easier.