Hemowear & What We Hope to Achieve

Welcome back to the Hemowear blog! Over the last several weeks, we talked about ways to cope with dialysis. To catch you up on our last couple blogs, we will summarize:


Though finding out that you will have to undergo dialysis can be difficult to accept, understand how dialysis is keeping you healthy and saving your life. Many have to undergo this treatment, and it will soon feel like a regular part of your life.

Be Informed

To put it concisely, know what’s going on in your body, not only in what your body needs and what your condition causes, but in how dialysis helps keep you healthy. Also, know what can help you stay healthy such as diet considerations, lifestyle choices, and more.

Avoid Depression

We understand how having to undergo dialysis can be frustrating. Know that you are not alone. Try to focus on how dialysis is saving your life while still enjoying those hobbies you love or finding new hobbies that you are excited about and fit your new lifestyle.

Live Life

Don’t stop living your life! Though dialysis may inhibit some activities that you enjoyed before, there is no reason to stop living your life. Keep enjoying your hobbies, time with friends and family, and living the life you love as much as possible.


Exercising on a consistent basis (as long as it is approved by your doctor) is key to staying physically and mentally healthy. It can significantly lower your stress levels and help your quality of life.

Appreciate Dialysis Time

Though undergoing dialysis can feel like a waste of time or an inconvenience. Instead, use this time to take a much needed moment to relax, meditate, read a book, watch a movie or catch up on your emails.

Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep for anyone is incredibly important. Though dialysis can affect your sleep schedule, if you are practicing healthy life habits (i.e. exercising, living your life, alleviating stress in a healthy way, etc.) you will have a better chance of resting well.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is always important, and now that you are undergoing dialysis, there are certain dietary restrictions and ways of eating that will help you stay healthy. Consider seeing a nutritionist to help you have a diet that will keep you healthy.

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Hemowear & You

Whether you’ve sat for dialysis many times or this is your first time, the experience can feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. For these reasons, we created Hemowear dialysis clothing. The creator’s father was diagnosed with several health issues that gave cause for dialysis. As he underwent his dialysis, he requested that a buttonhole be put in his shirt for easy access to the catheter site. To accommodate the sterilization process, a larger zippered cutout was created instead of the buttonhole and gave inspiration for the idea for Hemowear. Ever since and with every piece of dialysis clothing, we hope to provide our clients with these benefits.


Because of the strategic placement of the zippered access port, you are able to enjoy the convenience of a piece of clothing that makes each dialysis appointment a little more comfortable and easier on you and those administering your dialysis. Because we have created our dialysis clothing to be comfortable and attractive, you can wear your clothing out before or after your appointment.


We understand that dialysis in not the most comfortable part of your day, to say the very least. For this reason, we designed each piece of clothing to have an accurately placed access port. No longer will your clothes pull or bunch uncomfortably. Stay warm and comfortable with little unnecessary exposure while wearing Hemowear.


Not only do we aim to provide convenience and comfort with our Hemowear dialysis clothing, but we wish to give you clothes that you like wearing and that are complementary in shape and color. Why should the clothes you wear to your dialysis appointment be drab and unshapely? For this reason, we offer a variety of styles and colors based on your preference and your access port needs.

Hemowear Dialysis Clothing

We hope that any piece of Hemowear that you purchase is comfortable and makes going to your dialysis appointment that much easier. The styles of dialysis clothing we offer include T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and micro fleece.We also offer peritoneal belts. Contact us with any of your questions and be sure to check our sizing chart to find the right fit for you!