More Gifts For Your Loved One on Dialysis

If you have been keeping up with our last blog, we have been going over great gifts to get your loved ones that go through dialysis treatment. Dialysis treatments tend to be a long process and you want your dear one to be as comfortable as possible.

Adding some dialysis clothing from Hemowear to their wardrobe is a thoughtful and practical gift you definitely should consider. Our dialysis clothing is even customizable for every individual. Get your loved one a gift they will truly appreciate this year.

Here are some more gifts you can get for your loved one who goes through dialysis.


When the person you love is sitting for long hours during dialysis treatment, they tend to get bored. Getting them snacks will keep them occupied and keep their energy up. You want to stay away from things like chocolate, salt, and sugar though. Consult with their doctor to see what they can’t and can have during their treatments.

Music Player

Listening to music is proven to affect people’s mood. Letting your loved one listen to the music of choice, will help relax and calm them during their dialysis treatment. Getting them an iPod or an MP3 player is the best option since it is so easy and portable. They will be able to store all their music on this tiny device. On top of the actual media player, you can get them a subscription to iTunes, Spotify, or another music streaming service. This will ensure they have the whole package when it comes to the music entertainment during their treatment.

Dialysis Clothing

Don’t forget about the most important gift of all, their dialysis clothing. Our clothing is made with soft material and has access points where they will receive dialysis. They won’t have to take off their clothes while they get dialysis anymore.

A fun idea would be to make this a bundle present. Combine all the gifts such as music, snacks, books, a pillow and blanket, and their dialysis clothing. They will be excited to see all the effort you put into your gift giving this year. Help your dearest one this season by making their treatments as enjoyable as possible.