In our previous blog, we went over side effects from hemodialysis. We want you to be prepared for whatever treatment you will be enduring, and it’s helpful to have as much knowledge as possible. At Hemowear, we want to have all your dialysis clothing needs. We have shirts, pants, and even belts. Our PD belts are great for people who are undergoing peritoneal dialysis.

We also want your to be aware of the side effects associated with peritoneal dialysis and the things you can expect once you are going through treatment.


A common side effect, because of the placement of the catheter, is peritonitis. It is a bacterial infection that occurs when the dialysis equipment is not kept clean. Always keep your dialysis equipment sterile. If you are doing your treatments at home you will be taught how to do this by a professional.

  • Signs you may have peritonitis
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Feeling or being sick
  • Chills
  • Dialysis fluid becomes cloudy

If you do have this infection, contact your care team, they help get rid of the infection with antibiotics and injections.


This may be caused because of the fluid being held in the abdomen for long periods of time. The main symptom is noticing a lump in the abdominal area. Surgery can correct a hernia, it’s a common procedure and the surgery is done to get the tissue back inside your abdominal wall.

Weight Gain

Because the dialysate fluid contains sugar and is being absorbed into the body, these are calories and will increase your daily calorie intake. Contact a dietician to see how you can combat the calories and continue eating healthy.

To help prevent infection wear a clean PD belt. This leaves less exposed area for infection to occur. Get yours today!