Protect Yourself This Year

Every year, many of us get the flu. We feel rotten, run-down, and generally lousy. It’s unsurprising, since as long as people have lived on this planet, we’ve had to deal with various strains. Contending with the various viruses has become a good news/bad news scenario.

The bad news is that, along with dealing with the more common strains of flu virus, the CDC is warning people to be prepared for a superbug-a potentially stronger and more dangerous version of the flu. So does that mean it’s time to panic? Absolutely not, because the good news is that there are a few solid ways to safeguard against getting sick. Here are 5 quick and easy tips:

  1. The number one way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated. Once you get your shot or nasal spray, you’re far less likely to get sick.
  2. Wash your hands after eating, sneezing, using the bathroom, or before/during/after interactions at a healthcare facility.
  3. Stay away from people who are sick.Flu viruses spread through the air and upon surfaces, so if you keep your distance, you’ll reduce the chances.
  4. By wearing our comfortable patient clothing, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of unnecessary exposure due to disrobing.
  5. On average, people touch their faces 16 times per hour. If you’re touching a surface that’s been exposed to the flu, then scratching your nose or otherwise touching your face, you’re rolling out the welcome mat for the flu.