Sit in Warmth With Our Comfortable Patient Clothing

Kidney problems are a serious issue for any person. If you have to make a weekly visit for dialysis, it can be uncomfortable to remove your shirt while the catheter is inserted into your abdomen. At Hemowear, we’ve designed a way for you to sit in warmth with our comfortable patient clothing. Our peritoneal belt is perfect for those that require peritoneal dialysis. If comes in every size from small to 5XL, plus you have your choice of color – pick between black, navy, khaki, brown, and white.

We also offer great clothing options as well. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, and micro fleece options for both men and women. To celebrate Father’s Day on June 15th, we’re offering a 10% off all men’s wear for the entire month! If you have a father or grandfather that requires dialysis due to kidney problems, give them a perfect and practical gift this June. Hemowear was born out of a need for comfortable clothing during dialysis and we love seeing people be able to use our products to achieve a better quality of life.

Shop Dialysis Clothing 

You and your doctors will love the durability and accessibility of the comfortable patient clothing from our online store. Your physicians and nurses will be able to reach and clean your catheter sites with ease and you won’t have to be cold while sitting in the clinic. When you’re done, you can just zip up the access pocket and be on your way! We look forward to providing you with the finest in comfortable patient clothing.