Stay Warm This Fall With Comfortable Patient Clothing

If you live in a climate that experiences a drop in temperature once September arrives, you may not look forward to getting out and about on those chilly days. For someone that has to visit a clinic on a weekly basis for dialysis or other treatments, you aren’t able to wear several layers to the doctor, simply because you have to take them off in order to receive treatment. At Hemowear, we want to provide you with comfortable patient clothing that allows you to stay warm going to and from, as well as while you’re in the doctor’s office.

With our specialized clothing for both men and women, you won’t have to worry about being cold while getting in the car or while you’re sitting in the exam room. You can put on a Dual Arm Sweatshirt, layer a coat over top, and be on your way. Once you’re at the clinic, you’ll only have to remove your coat, keeping yourself warm while the doctors and nurses access your port sites through the convenient zipper openings. Hemowear’s comfortable patient clothing has been designed so access and cleaning is easy, and you don’t have to get cold because your only choice was to remove your shirt.

With colder weather on the way, visits to the doctor require more layers. If you have to go for weekly treatment, shop with Hemowear and find the perfect clothing for your next treatment visit. You’ll find that our clothing fits well and keeps you cozy and warm, no matter where you are.