Tips to Cope with Dialysis

When learning you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, the realization is startling. Millions of thoughts race through your mind, one being: Will I survive?

Thankfully, treatments like dialysis exist to help you with this disease. Dialysis is the process of helping the kidney properly function again. With Hemowear, we can make your dialysis treatment that much easier with our comfortable and convertible dialysis clothing. Our clothing makes treatments at home or on site much more simple. Never struggle with your clothing again; our dialysis clothing has zippers in place to get to the places the medical professionals need.

Hemowear not only wants to help you physically, but mentally. Here are some tips on how to cope with your new diagnosis:


Adapting to this new life change is going to be the most beneficial. When dealing with kidney disease, one goes through dialysis. Dialysis isn’t a one time treatment. This procedure is going to be carried on a few times a week for hours at a time. Sometimes this is hard for people to accept. While overwhelming at first, focus on how this treatment is saving your life and keeping you alive.

Be informed

Knowing what is going on within the body is always something valuable to your situation. Learning about your disease will let you know all your options available and what will be best treatment plan. Knowing what lies ahead will allow you to process the fear and anxiety you may have. Write down a list of questions for your doctor to educate yourself even more.

Avoid Depression

Because dialysis becomes the new normal, this can cause people to feel like their life is out of their control. Your new diagnosis can hinder activities you once loved, and you may experience less energy. This can possibly cause depression. Feeling upset about your situation is normal. When you are upset consistently for a considerable amount of time, it is time to seek medical help.

Live Life

This is easier said than done, but it is important to not to view yourself as sick. If you focus on the fact dialysis is going to help you, you will tend to have a better mindset. While dialysis may change some of your routine, try to live your life as normally as possible. If you are working, talk to your employer and doctor to see if you can keep working. Continue fun hobbies that don’t take a physical toll or come up with new ones that will make you feel happy and at ease.


Exercise is a great way to stay fit, happy, and healthy. Exercising regularly, as long as it’s approved by your doctor, is a wonderful way to fight off depression and fatigue. Exercise will also reduce your stress and improve your quality of life.

Hopefully these tips can help cope with this new lifestyle change you may be going through. Dialysis doesn’t have to be scary or a burden. Shop our amazing line of dialysis clothing at Hemowear. We make sure our clothes are soft, comfortable, and flexible. Our easy access to the arms and legs makes the dialysis process easier. Shop our clothing today! Check back for our next blog for more tips on how to cope with dialysis.