We Have the Best Customized Clothing for Dialysis Patients

Having to go through dialysis or chemotherapy isn’t fun. Patients are left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. They shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable and exposed, too. It was our desire to create a clothing line that made treatment as easy as possible for the medical team and the patient and that wouldn’t require the patient to completely disrobe for access to ports and catheters. That’s why we created our customized clothing for dialysis patients. Our clothing is made with easy access zippers so your medical care professional can access you for treatment while you remain completely clothed. We’ve heard from medical teams and patients alike that our clothing designs have made dialysis and chemotherapy treatments much easier to handle!

We’re currently offering some great holiday Hemowear on our website so you can sport your favorite holiday colors during the upcoming season. Check out our selection of hoodies, pd-belts, and sweatshirts in the holiday section. The hoodies and sweatshirts come in red, green, and blue so you can choose the color you like best. The pd-belts come in a fun variety of holiday fabrics, and you can specify your preferred design when you place your order. We love giving patients these options for the holidays, so we sincerely hope you love this year’s special selection!

Remember that our pledge to our customers is to provide comfortable clothing to patients undergoing dialysis or chemotherapy. Going through these treatments should be as easy as possible for you. Medical staff can access your ports, catheters, and AV fistulas with having to ask you to undress or partially undress thanks to strategically placed zippers on the chest and arms of our tops. Our clothing items are soft, and you’ll enjoy wearing them even when you aren’t undergoing treatment. Our customized clothing line for dialysis patients are first in comfort and quality! Check out our sizing chart before you place your order to ensure you’ll get a piece you love.